MBA 2019-20 
 M.SC EVS 2019-20
 M.Sc Biotechnology 2019-20
 M.Sc Chemistry 2019-20
 M.A Hindi 2019-20 
 M.Sc Psychology 2019-20
 Masters in Social Work 2019-20
 B.Pharma 2017 Batch
 B.Pharma 7th and 8th sem OLD Scheme 
 M.Sc Physics 2019-20
 M.A Economics 2019-20
 M.Sc Zoology 2019-20
 M.Sc Botany 2019-20
 MCA 2019-20
 M.Sc Yoga 2019-20
 M.A history 2019-20
 M.Com(2 Years)2019-20
 M.Com (Hons.) 5 Year 2019-20
 B.Com (Hons)2019-20
 MBA 2019-20
 M.Sc Mathematics 2019-20
 M.Sc Mathematics with CS 2019-20
 Political Science 2019-20
 M.Sc Geography 2019-20
 BHMCT 2019-20
M.A. English 4th semester  ( Indian Literature in translation-II, World Literature, Culture and Literature and Literature form North East )
Syllabus Open Elective 
Computer Applications Common Syllabus for PG Courses 
Value Education
Environment Study
B.A Mathematics
 B.A (Hons.) English
B.Sc Mathematics 2018-19
B.Sc Mathematics
 B.A Pass Course
B.A Mathematics 2018-19
B.A. English Pass Course
B.Com Pass course
B.Com (Hons)
B.Sc Chemistry Pass Course
BCA Complete Syllabus All-6 Semester 
B.Tech 1st and 2nd Sem Old 
B.Tech 1st and 2nd sem syllabus 2018-19
B.Tech 3rd and 4th Sem CSE
B.Tech 5th and 6th Sem CSE
B.Tech 7th and 8th sem CSE
B.Tech (Mech.) 5th & 6th sem
B.Tech (Mech.) 3rd and 4th sem
B.Tech Civil 3rd & 4th Sem
B.Tech Civil 5th & 6th sem
B.Tech EE(Electrical Engineering) 3rd & 4th sem 
B.Tech ECE 3rd & 4th Sem
B.Tech ECE 5th & 6th sem
B.Tech Electrical 3rd & 4th Sem Electrical 5th & 6th sem
B.Tech Fire Technology and safety 3rd & 4th sem 
B.Tech (Fire Technology and safety) 5th- 8th Sem
M.Com (Hons)
M.A Yoga 
M.A English
M.A English 3rd sem
M.A English 4th sem
M.A Hindi
M.A. Political Science
M.A. History
M.A. Economics
M.Sc Geography 
M.Sc Geography 3rd sem
M.Sc Geography 4th sem
M.Sc Mathematics
M.Sc Botany
M.Sc Physics 
M.Sc Chemisty 
M.Tech Software Engineering
M.Tech Mechanical Engineering(Old)
M.Tech Mechanical Engineering 1st and 2nd sem
M.Tech Manufacturing & Automation
M.Tech Electronics & Communication
M.Tech CSE 1st and 2nd Sem
M.Tech CSE (Old) (ME) CBCS  3rd & 4th Sem
M.Tech (ECE) 1st and 2nd sem (ECE) CBCS  3rd & 4th Sem (CSE) CBCS 3rd & 4th Sem
M.Sc Computer Science
CBCS Ordinance 
M.Phil Ordinance
M.Phil Mathematics Scheme and Syllabus 
M.Phil Economics Scheme and Syllabus 
Ph.D Ordinance 2016-17
Ph.D Ordinance 2017-18