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Contact No.


Dr. Manju Pruthi

Chief Warden



Dr. M.S. Barak




Sh. Pardeep Singh




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Care Taker



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Contact No.


Dr. Manju Pruthi

Chief Warden



Dr. Sonu Madan




Smt. Suman












1.                 AdmissionRules

(i)                Studentsseeking admission to the hostel must apply on the prescribed form and submitthe duly filled application form in the office of Warden. There are 120 seatsin each hostel.

(ii)              All rights ofadmission to the University Hostels are reserved with the Chief-Warden.However, students admitted in courses with practical classes will be givenpreferences.

(iii)            Theadmissions will be made purely on distance basis. The distance will be verifiedon the basis of address proof submitted by the applicant. The address proof submitted by theapplicant like Adhaar Card, Voter Card, Driving License, bank passbooks etc. Moreover,in order to authenticate the address proof, the applicant is required to submita certificate duly signed by village Sarpanch/Secretary Municipal along withthe attested latest passport size photographs.

(iv)            Students willbe admitted to the hostel for one academic session in the begin with. Old residentsof the hostel cannot claim their right to take admission in the hostel.

(v)              10% ofseats are reserved for Research Scholars of M.Phil., Ph.D & registeredResearch Scholars getting scholarship/fellowship of University/CSIR/UGC/ anyother funding agency. No Research Scholar shall be allowed to stay in theUniversity Hostel beyond 4 years or after the submission of the thesiswhichever is earlier. However, he/she has to vacate the hostel during summervacation for repair, white washing and other works of maintenance.

(vi)            Admissionin hostels will be closed after 05 days of last counselling.

(vii)          Hostelfacility is for students only. The application of hostel facility submitted byany of the university employee may be considered only in case the seats are vacantin the hostel and every student applicant have been allotted room in the hostel.

2.                 ReservationPolicy

i)                   Only 3 seatsare reserved for foreign student in each hostel. In case if no Foreign studentis available, the seat will be allotted to students’ of IGU.

ii)                 10% seats arereserved for SC/ST students in each hostel.

iii)               In case thepossession of the rooms is not taken within a period of 07 working days, theadmission will be cancelled and fees will not be refunded.

3.                 RoomAllotment Rules

i)                   After taking thepossession of the allotted room the resident is required to arrange his/her ownelectric bulb/tube etc.

ii)                 A residentcannot shift from his/her allotted room without the permission of the Warden/Chief Warden.

iii)               Mutual shiftingis not allowed without the permission of the Warden/Chief Warden.

iv)               The residents arenot allowed to keep the outsider without the permission of Warden

v)                 Residents willhave to vacate the hostel rooms within 72 hours of the termination of theirtheory paper/examinations (generally in May/June of every year). They will haveto hand over complete charge of their respective rooms to the Supervisors oftheir hostels.

vi)               No student will be allowed to keep his/herluggage in the room during vacation.


4.                 Disciplines& General Rules

i)                   Use of own Heatersis not allowed otherwise a fine of Rs. 1000/- will be charged. Moreover, anymisuse of electric appliances is strictly prohibited. 

ii)                 Loud music isnot allowed in the hostel premises.

iii)               Residents arenot allowed to arrange any sort of celebration, parties, use of liquor in theirallotted room. In case of violation, a fine of Rs. 1000/- will be imposed.

iv)               No residentshall misbehave with hostel workers/ fellow residents/ hostel staff etc.Otherwise, strict disciplinary action, including expulsion from the hostel/University, will be taken against the defaulter along with a fine of Rs. 500/-.

v)                 Residents arenot allowed to damage hostel property failing which action will be takenagainst them including fine equivalent to the cost of damaged item.

vi)               Any residentfound in possession of weapons shall be liable to expulsion from the Hostel/University and the matter shall be reported to the Proctor/Police for legalaction against them. Hostel rooms are subject to any inspection by University authorityas well as local Polish.

vii)             No resident isallowed to take Newspapers/ Magazines/ Sports items/ Equipment’s (if available)in his/her room.

viii)           The residents ofgirls’ hostel are not allowed to entertain the guest/ guardian in front or neargirls’ hostels. For this purpose, the visitor’s room of their hostels should beused with permission of the Warden/ Supervisor.

ix)               The residentsof boys hostel are not allowed to entertain any lady guest including mother andsisters in their rooms at night.

x)                 The residents ofgirls hostel have to observe the proper timings of entering hostel which willbe decided by the Warden/Chief Warden from time to time. Late entry beyondspecified time is not allowed in any case. However, in unforeseencircumstances, the entry may be allowed with permission of the Warden afterdiscussion with the parents/ authority.

xi)               Residents arerequired to make their representation of any kind through proper channel onlyi.e Warden/ Chief-Warden only.

xii)             All residentsare required to carry Hostel Identity Card with them all time because securityman of the hostels may check the Identity card any time at the entry of themain gate.

xiii)           All residentshave to use the facilities like T.V., news papers, indoor game items, etc. in commonroom only.

xiv)           Residents shouldbe properly dressed while going to the Common Rooms, Dining Room, Study Roomand Hostel Office.

xv)             Residents shouldnot keep cash or jewelry or other valuable items in their rooms. Otherwise,they would be solely responsible in case of any theft etc.

xvi)           All residentswho have their own vehicle should take permission from the Warden at the timeof admission in the hostel

xvii)         No residentswill be allowed to keep four wheelers in the hostel.

xviii)       Residents arerequired to hostel premises neat and clean.

xix)           Lights &fans should be switched off when rooms are locked. In case of violation, a fineof Rs. 500/- will be imposed.

xx)             Before leavingthe hostel, every resident shall obtain clearance from the hotel Warden/Supervisor and personally hand over the charge of the room and hostel propertyto them.



Note: All residents are required toclear their Hostel, Mess, and other dues and obtain a No Dues Certificatebefore they take their examination admit card and again all their dues must becleared before they vacate the hostel.


5.                 FacilitiesProvided to the Hostel Residents:

i)       24 hours Security guards are availableon the main gate of the Hostel’s along with one Caretaker/supervisor within thehostels.

ii)     Staff nurse/pharmacist is available forfirst aid for general health problem in the University.

iii)   Good and hygienic food is provided inthe hostel mess.

iv)   Hostel mess may run on Cooperative basis/Contractualbasis.

v)     A well-furnished common room in eachhostel is available along with the facilities of indoor games, news papers andLCD.

vi)    The facility of water cooler with RO isavailable in the University as well as at each hostel. Moreover, during the winter,the facility of water geyser is provided to the students of the hostel.

vii)  Electricitybackup with inverter and generator is available in case of electricfailure. 



i)                   The visitors are allowed to visit onlyafter making an entry in the Visitors’ Register.

ii)     No, visitor, in any case, shall beallowed to see the hostel residents after the closer of main gate of thehostel.

iii)        Only those guests will be allowed to see aresident whose names are included in the   approved guest list submitted at the time ofadmission.

iv)                Guestshall meet residents only in the Visitors’ Room.

v)        Male guests are not permitted to stayovernight in any of the girls’ hostels. However, a female guest in a specialsituation may be accommodated in the girl’s hostel for a maximum period of 3days with prior permission of the Warden.

vi)      No resident is allowed to bring/accommodate guest/ external person in rooms. A resident of a hostel cannot takehis/her meals in the room.

vii)              Aguest can take food only after an entry of the guest is made in the MessRegister.


7.      Hostel Mess

i)                   Messmay be run on Co-operative basis or on Contract basis.

ii)           All residents shall have to take food inthe hostel mess. He/She liable to pay the dues of a minimum of 20 days permonth. Diet will be charged on daily basis in case the stay of a resident inthe hostel is less 04 days

iii)                  MessTiming (Subject to change time to time):

a.      Breakfast                     7:45 am to 9:00 am

b.     Lunch                          1:00pm to 3:00 pm

c.      Dinner                         7:30pm to 9:00 pm

            The mess will be closed except the above-mentionedmeal timings.

iv)               All residents have to observe &follow mess timings specified from time-to-time. After the mess    timings are over, no resident can claim formeal.

v)                 The residents will not be allowed totake utensils from dining hall to their rooms, if utensils of mess are found intheir room or placed in the windows or their rooms, a fine of Rs. 200/- will beimposed on them.

vi)               Residents are not allowed to enter thecooking area.

vii)             Cooking in the rooms is strictlyprohibited.

viii)           Meal will be served in the Dining Roomonly and not in the resident’s rooms.

ix)               In case of illness, the names of sickresidents will be registered with the Supervisor to get the special light foodcooked for them and students are required to inform for the same at least twohours before the meal timings.

x)                 Mess charges will be paid by the 10thof each month. After this date a fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged up to20th of each month and the resident will not be allowed to takemeals thereafter.

xi)               If the total amount of mess dues of aresident exceeds the security deposited on the 20th of each month,the resident will not be eligible for the mess services from 21stonwards.

xii)             An intimation of the defaulter will beconveyed to the Chairperson of the concerned Department for necessary action.

xiii)           All complaints requiring immediateattention of the warden should be made in writing.

xiv)           The Chief Warden/Warden may expel aresident from the hostel in case the defaulter fails to pay mess dues for twoconsecutive months.

xv)             The residents have to ensure totake receipts for every payment they made to any hostel staff.  Please keep that cash receipt safe. Nopayment is valid without cash receipt.


The instruction for curbing raggingas conveyed by the UGC vide letter No. FA-1/97 (CPP-II) dated 7thJuly, 2001 in view of the judgment of Supreme Court in Civil Writ Petition No.656 if 1998 ‘VishwaJagriti Mission V/s Centre Govt.’ given below shall beadhered to strictly:-

Raggingin educational institutions is banned and any one indulging in ragging is likelyto be punished appropriately, which punishment may include expulsion from theInstitute, suspension from the institution or classes for a limited period orother benefits (ii) debarring from representation in events (iii) withholdingresults (iv) suspension or expulsion from hostel or mess, and the like (v)lodging of FIR to local police. If the individuals committing or abettingragging are not/ cannot be identified, collective punishment can be awarded toact as a deterrent. Any disorderly conduct whether by words spoken or writtenor by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling withrudeness to any other students, indulging in rowdy or indiscipline activitieswhich cause or is likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm orto raise fear or apprehension thereof in fresher’s or junior students or askingthe students to do any act or perform something which such students will not doin the ordinary course and which has the effect of causing or generating asense of shame or embarrassment, so as to adversely affect the physique orpsyche of a fresher or a junior student will be deemed to be an act of ragging.

Hon’bleSupreme Court of India in SLP (c) No. 24295/2004 in the matter of University ofKerala V/S Council of Principals, Colleges of Kerala and others has orderedthat if any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority, theconcerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if his/ her explanationis not found satisfactory, the authority would expel him/ her from theInstitution.



A.   Amount to be deposited in hostelwarden account (Non-Refundable)

Sr. No.                                               Subject


1.                            Accommodation Charges


2.                            Water & Other Charges


3.                            Fan Charges


4.                            Geyser Charges


5.                            Establishment Charges


6.                            Common Room Charges


7.                            Utensils & Furniture Charges


8.                            Medical Fee (first aid only)


Total Annual Charges



B.    Amount to be deposited in hostelmess account* 

Mess Security

Rs. 3500/-


Servant/Cook Charges @ Rs. 450/- per month

Rs. 5400/-

Total amount to be deposited in mess account at the time of admission

Rs. 8900/-

·        The mentioned charges of hostel mess are applicableonly in case the mess is run on cooperative basis.


1.     The hostel fees for on academic sessionwill be charged at the time of admission.

2.     The Vice-Chancellor may on therecommendation of the provost exempt blind students from the payment of allhostel charges.

3.     Hostel Fee is not refundable in anycase.

4.     The hostel security will be refunded withinone year of leaving hostel. Afterwards no claim will be entertained.




10.             Stay Charges for Guest’s Hostel

Rs. 120/- per day perhead (Including meals)

If any outsider isfound in the resident’s room, the resident will be expelled.


11.          Meal/Diet/Special Diet Charges (forUniversity Guest Students Only)         

i)                      Breakfast                                             Rs. 40/-

ii)                    Lunch                                                  Rs.50/-

iii)                  Dinner                                                 Rs.50/-

iv)                  Special Diet                                         Rs.100/-                 

Note:Diet charges are subject to change. Special diet facility is only for Universityemployees and may be considered when received in advance from the concernedDepartment/Employee.   


1.     Duly filled application form attested by thechairperson of concern department.

2.     Three Passport size colored photos (Latest).

3.     Two Address Proof.

4.     Anti Ragging affidavit.

5.     Character Certificate (for new students). Theex-residents will produce the certificate about satisfaction of the ChiefWarden/Warden regarding proper conduct and regular payment of dues of hostel,mess and canteen.

6.     No mess dues certificate (Only for existingresidents).

7.     Photocopy of Identity Card issued by university.

8.     Result proof of latest class passed.

9.     Undertaking from the students about following allhostel and mess rules.

(Duly signed by student and parents/ Guardian)






(Submittedby students at the time of hostel admission)

I ----------------------------------------------S/oMr.-------------------------------------------------Student ofdepartment--------------------------------------------------------------------incourse-------------------------------Semester-------------------------------UnderRoll No. -------------------------------------------do undertake thefollowing:-

1.      That I have carefully gone through all the rules,regulations and instructions given in the hostel Hand Book of Information and Ishall abide by all the rules and regulations of hostel.

2.      That if I am found guilty of breaking any of thehostel rules, regulations, discipline and involved in any act of damaginghostel property, my hostel admission be cancelled without any notice and refundof fees, security etc.

3.      I shall not allow anyone else in my room and ifanyone else is found living in my room, my hostel admission be cancelledimmediately without any notice and refund of fees or security.

4.      I shall deposit the hostel dues, mess dues etc. wellin time. If I get some job or get admission in some other institution, I shallimmediately inform the hostel authorities and vacate the room immediatelyotherwise hostel accommodation be cancelled immediately without any notice andrefund of fees, security etc.

5.      I shall ensure of taking receipts (with completedetails and signature of cash receiver) for all the cash payment made as messdues to any hostel staff.  I will not payany advance to any cook/ sweeper or any other staff. If I do so, I will beresponsible for that.

6.      I am ready to adjust as residing three students perroom if hostel authorities ask me to do so. I will not claim for any feeconcession or refund for that.

7.      I will vacate the hostel during summer vacation forrepair, white washing and other works of maintenance.

8.      That if I am found to be involved in any such thingwhich is against the IGU Meerpur and hostel rules, I shall solely beresponsible and shall be ready to bear the consequences as per IGU, Meerpur andHostel rules.

 Declared this-----------------------Day of---------------------month of -------------------year.

Counter Signature of Parents/Guardian                                       Signatureof Student